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We love hearing from our customers! Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful feedback we have received.

May I take this opportunity to say, what a great user friendly website you have. I am very impressed. The idea also is fantastic as well. I am an Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic in Australia for the past 34 years, and this is one of the best modern ideas I have seen. Very well done indeed. Cheers. (John, Australia)

My 4 year old son is allergic to peanuts. We got him a small medical id sports bracelet when he was 2. He would NOT wear it, flat out refused. And when we made him wear it, he learned to take it off. I came across your website as a last ditch effort to try and find something he would wear… this seemed like the perfect solution. And it is. He has kept this bracelet on since we received it, was EXCITED to show it to his friends and teachers. And people have noticed it! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Even our daycare provider loved this wristband! Again, thank you for helping us manage our son’s allergy. (Gina, Idaho)

My 21 year old son has refused to wear identification for years (he was diagnosd with diabetes 18 years ago). He has not taken the bracelet off since it arrived. It is a huge relief to have him use something. Thank you again and good luck. (Janette, Pennsylvania)

Super idea. I bought some for friends who are diabetic. I am a nurse and my other bracelet got in the way. (Patsy, North Carolina)

I thank you so much. My daughter is an athlete and I cannot get her to wear a traditional medic alert bracelet/necklace and then in some sports they don't want to let her wear it if I am present at her games. I think these bracelets will be the answer to my worries since they are the newest fad with young kids. Thanks again. (Theresa, North Carolina)

God Bless you for what you are doing! My son is so excited about getting these "cool" bracelets! Anything that helps him deal with this disease is all good to me! Thank you so much! I will spread the word! (Michele, Wisconsin)

What a great idea. We needed a bracelet for our son for our trip to Disney and the waterparks! This one should work out great. (Lynette, Illinois)

Thanks for such a good idea!!! Although my son is 18 years old, he has had diabetes for 14 years and has never wanted to wear one of those goofy bracelets or necklaces (as he puts it). But he will wear these and its a relief for me when I’m not around him, in the car or wherever. So thanks again!!!!! (Debbie, Kentucky)

My son has Juvenile Diabetes and we will be going to Florida for Spring Break. I will be glad to have these before we leave - perfect for swimming in! (Melissa, Ohio)

I ride my horse almost every day and I've been searching for something suitable and safe for when I'm riding. I can't wait to get them! Thanks! (Juana, California)

Thank you for selling this much needed product. I just purchased three of them for my husband. I have bought him several medical bracelets and he breaks them. I think this will finally solve that problem. (Dana, Illinois)

This is the coolest thing we have ever seen, my daughter can't wait to get hers! What a great idea you guys came up with by making these bracelets. My daughter wants all the colors! She refused to wear any of the metal bracelets but thinks these are sooo cool! I have never seen these before, and all the Dr's offices have to offer are the ugly metal things which everyone These will surely be a hit with all diabetics. (Kasey, Connecticut)

I've been a diabetic for 15 years and have never wanted to wear the medical identification wristbands because they were always over priced and ugly. I finally bought one at the drug store and it discolored my arm so I stopped wearing it. Since I have discovered these diabetic wristbands I wear mine every day. I have different colors to go with my outfits. They are comfortable and even waterproof...I don't even notice that I'm wearing them. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I have. (Christa, Alabama)

Many thanks from a person who really likes these wristbands for diabetics such as myself. They are as said, so cool!!!!! :-) I want to thank you for being so quick to respond..and so courteous is quite refreshing to see this in the world as it is in the condition it is in now and thanks for making being a diabetic easier with these cool colored bracelets for me. (Michael, North Carolina)

I thank you guys for making these. My 14 year old son refused to wear the "dorky" ones that are out there. I am really excited because I know that he will wear these and I will feel a little more relaxed when he is out and about. (Mary, Minnesota)

As a mom of a picky and tempermental 17 year old daughter, I appreciate your figuring out a way to do what's important and keep the kids happy. She has no interested in wearing a traditional medical ID bracelet but has agreed to wear this one. Thanks. (Chrys, California)

This is a really good idea for kids who play sports. Thanks for thinking of this. (James, Maryland)

My nephew was just diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. He is 6 years old. I was very excited when I saw the Diabetic Wristbands. I thought he could wear that as identification and no one would tease him or make a big deal since wristbands are the hottest trend. Thanks for undertaking this business. (Sheri, Illinois)

This kind of bracelet is the only one we can get our son to wear! (Brian, Illinois)