Finally! A Medical ID you will want to wear!


Custom Condition

 If you don't see your medical condition listed in our product assortment, or you have more than one medical condition, try our CoolMedID Custom wristbands.  We've created hundreds of custom wristbands, and our customers are always thrilled.

Custom Condition Medical ID - Wristbands made with your choice of text for the condition, and your choice of color for both the wristband and the color fill. 

Custom wristbands are $10 per wristband, and $10 shipping/handling for your entire order.  So if you want 1 wristband it's $20 (although we always recommend ordering at least 2 so that in case of loss or breakage, you don't have to reorder immediately) and for 3 wristbands, the order would be $40

Email us at and ask for more information regarding our CoolMedID custom wristbands. 

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